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About Me

1. I love people, genuinely and to a fault.

2. I am probably hard to offend and I try to see life
through the humorous/kind looking glass.


3. I attempt to be a super mom and a super wife and a super everything cause I have ideals and I aspire to them but alas I wasn't born in the Avengers Universe, my name is not Wonder Woman, and though sometimes this universe seems to think it is, and sometimes I really wish that were true, I am only human.

4. I have a crazy work ethic,
my husband says I wear him out all the time.

5. I have the memory of a gold fish, I tend to find myself in random rooms of my house, not the faintest clue why I got out of my chair in the first place. I feel like this might be occurring a little too soon ... I suspect momhood ... #worthit

6. I will "wax enthusiastic" over almost anything creative 
 — in a very conservative Swedish manner.

(I was born in Sweden and moved here in 2012).

7. I have an undying love for my house plants.

8. All joking aside, authenticity and capturing real
moments is important to me.


10. I would love to take your picture #winkwink.

I specialize in Family, Couples, Maternity, Children, Infant and
Individual Portraiture.

I also offer fine art double exposure photography where portraits can be artfully blended with other photos such as landscapes, birds in flight, etc.

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