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Below are various styles in editing to help figure out preferences and assist in making sure we are on the same page.

Note that this will be used as a guidance and that every photoshoot receives its very own unique edit.

Light, time of day, weather, season and color choices in outfits and even type of outfits will all affect the final feel of the photos.

I do enjoy helping clients pick out colors and outfits if requested, no extra charge.

In the the next section I would like to mention a few logistics that may come in handy.

• When picking outfits, consider your home and what you think would complement the colors on your wall or the space where you might wanna hang photos.

• For a timeless look, pick outfits without large brand stickers or startling neon/harsh colors, that does not mean to avoid including colors that are bold or saturated.

• Make sure that clothes are not super wrinkly or linty. Even if these things are not noticeable to the naked eye, they will unfortunately show up in photos.

• For families. Make sure kiddos have used the bathroom and had a snack just before the photoshoot, sometimes that is a great idea for parents too ❤


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