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Life by
the Art
of Light

Hello there, my name is Elin and I'm the one behind the lens here at Northern Lights Photography.
I grew up in Sweden and retain a special love for the magical forests of the North, often at the center of folklore and depicted in Scandinavian children's books and stories.


I take so much inspiration from the books and stories I read as a child, not to mention their illustrations.

Some of my most beloved children's book illustrators are John Bauer, Elsa Beskow, Rolf Lidberg and Sven Nordqvist. Stories like Ronja the Robbers Daughter, The Brothers Lionheart and Mio my Son by Astrid Lindgren have greatly influenced my work. 

I love photography more than I can say in words, I consider it my favorite form of art. I've always been fascinated by light. I have many childhood memories of sunlight streaming through a curtain, dancing through the forest canopy, or making its way across the horizon on a summer eve.

I love light in all its expressions, and I find the greatest joy in working with it as an art form.

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